I wake up pretty early in the morning. Having 4-year-old twins has forced me to get creative when it comes to finding “me” time. It starts with my morning coffee while the kids are eating breakfast. After breakfast, it’s a mad dash out the door to school. I try to get a workout in after drop off. Twenty minutes on the elliptical, then Stephanie kicks my butt for 45 minutes.

Now it’s time to get to work. I run my own PR agency, Remix Public Relations (www.remix-pr.com). It has been going strong for almost five years now!

I spend a lot of my time in my office at the computer. Emailing, googling and doing everything short of stalking the writers, bloggers and influencers that matter most to my clients. So don’t be alarmed if you happen to come across my name in your inbox. Make no mistake, I’m looking for YOU. I’ve worked with a range of clients that include everything from an R&B singer to a tech company to a social media agency. I have to keep my ear to what’s going on in an array of circles. This is no small task.

By now I’m looking at the clock, realizing it is time for me to get dinner started. After hours of Babe and I asking each other, “what are we gonna eat?” I decide on roasted cod and asparagus risotto. A nice Sauvignon blanc would make the meal complete. I usually try to make healthy meals; But more often time is my enemy, and chicken wings thaw out quickly. The next two or three hours are usually a blur.

Cook dinner. Answer the phone. It’s Babe’s brand manager. “Hi, Nicole!”

Answer the door. It’s Babe’s sound tech. “Hi Ferno!”

Ferno always seems to be around just in time for dinner. He’s always hungry. 

Dinner is served.

“Babe, hang up the phone.”

Feed the twins. “PJ, stop throwing food on the floor.”

“Babe, put down the salt shaker.”

Feed the dogs. Feed the cat. Feed myself. In that order. Pack lunches. Put away food. Clean the kitchen. Play time and bath for the kids. Whew!

And now the most important time of the day (for obvious reasons)…the kids’ bedtime.  I swear I never thought I would be so happy to read “Goodnight Moon.” This is when I get to relax and unwind after a long day.  I get to catch up on all the shows I DVR’d (if I don’t find out what happened with Olivia Pope this week, I’ll be a wreck!).  This is also my time for grooming. After all, I am not getting any younger. Cleanse, tone, eye cream, serum, moisturize. Ahhh…serenity.

This is just an overview of a typical day in my life. Sound familiar?

Don’t worry. We are going to make things a lot more interesting than that. I will share fun, easy and delicious recipes for everyday meals, and decadent menus that will impress anyone that crosses your threshold.

Let’s start remixing your life.