DSC05707Hi there! I’m Miss Lynette. Everyone who has ever met me decides to call me that on their own accord, so I figure I can save you a step.

Seriously, just Lynette is fine.

I am a metropolitan career woman, turned suburban wife of a traveling husband and mother of twins.

Although many aspects of my life changed after marriage and motherhood, I vowed not to lose sight of the things that make me…well…me. I have always enjoyed great food, fine wine, music, and the occasional dinner party with friends. Weekdays were for happy hour. Saturdays were filled with mani/pedis and dinner with friends. And Sundays were, and will always be, made for brunch. I went on a quest to find a way to merge the two lives. After scouring the ‘net for guidance, I realized the things I found online were either too “kid-centric” or too impractical for my busy life.  I was determined to find ways to recreate many of the cosmopolitan luxuries I had once enjoyed in ways that are conducive to family life and suburban living. Thus Living, Remixed. was born.

Not every idea or recipe will get the “Sex and the City” seal of approval. After all, let’s be real here, I still have to make my fair share of chicken tenders and fries. Expect to see a few “kid-approved” meals and family friendly ideas. But on the whole, I believe there will be plenty of the grown and sexy to go around.

I hope you enjoy!

~Miss Lynette


Living, Remixed. is an online resource for those who want to enhance their everyday life through food, entertaining, music, decor and clean living. It’s your life, AMPLIFIED.

Living, Remixed. is the brainchild of Lynette C. Townes, founder of Remix Public Relations.