It’s March. March makes me smile. It’s still Winter. But I have already started to notice the days getting longer, so I can smile a little bigger knowing Spring is on its way. March 20th to be exact. Forget about Memorial Day. In my world, the first day of Spring is the first official grill day. Not that I even need there to be warm weather for me to spark up. But it’s not ideal to have to use my car snow brush before I can make a juicy grilled steak. St. Patrick’s Day is another reason to be happy. In a word, BEER. But not just any beer. GREEN BEER. Heading to DC next weekend to visit Megan, my BFF and BBF (Beer Best Friend).  Surely there will be plenty of shenanigans and tomfoolery. So if you tell anyone you saw me, I’ll deny everything.

I know I tend to go all over the place with meal plans. I can’t help it. I like variety in my life. But your plan doesn’t have be to complex. Here are a few of my tricks when I want to keep things simple:

  • Alternate the protein – Poultry…Beef…Seafood…Pork…Poultry…Beef…Seafood…you get the idea. Choosing the protein (Or not. I’m no stranger to Meatless Monday) is half the battle. Once that’s done, deciding on preparation gets easier.
  • Alternate Cuisine – Italian on Monday, Mexican on Tuesday, Asian on Wednesday. Same concept as above.
  • Themed meal days – Have Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Spaghetti Wednesdays, etc. This is works especially well with kids that like some level of predictability. They may not know what kind of spaghetti they will get on Wednesdays, but they know there will be spaghetti.

There are countless other strategies you can find with a simple Google search. If you can’t already tell, my plans usually incorporate a combination of these. Experiment with one, or all of them, to see what works best for you. #ElevateYourself, #AmplifyYourLife and #KeepCooking!

Living Remixed Meal Plan – March 2015 (PDF)
Living Remixed Meal Plan – March 2015 (Word)