The first step in preparing Thanksgiving dinner is deciding on the menu. Our menu is usually a combination of traditional Thanksgiving fare and Jackson/Townes/Williams delicacies. Nothing about Aunt Darlene’s Seafood Salad says, “Thanksgiving,” but I dare not host a Turkey Day without it! I’m sure your family has a few dishes like those.

Once the menu is set, you’re ready to make your shopping list. I have actually been using the same shopping list (above) for about 3 years. Not much about my menu changes, so my old faithful serves as a good starting point. As much as I love technology, nothing beats a good ole pen and paper.

IMG_7325.JPGWhen all the shopping is done I try to work our a plan. Our house gets so hectic with guests, kids, Babe getting ready for his tour, and all the hustle and bustle of the holiday, that I would be lost without a schedule.

Living Remixed Thanksgiving Cooking Schedule 2014This outline is great for anyone that is new to hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I find it helpful to break things into smaller tasks so I feel less overwhelmed. Now that everything prepped and ready to go, I’m able to actually engage with my guests and enjoy the holiday!

What are some “not so” traditional dishes that you serve for Thanksgiving? How do you prepare for the holiday?